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OIG: Nursing home did not follow state rules for employee background checks

Compliance Monitor, November 30, 2005

An OIG audit has determined that the Willow Ridge Center nursing home in Hatboro, PA complied with federal staffing regulations, but not with state background check requirements for employees.

Of 87 employees reviewed, the OIG determined that Willow Ridge did not obtain a current state background check for one direct-care employee, and did not obtain the background checks for eight direct-care employees until after the required timeframe. The state background check must be obtained within 30 days of the date of hire and must be less than one year old. To conduct the audit, the OIG

  • obtained background, staffing, and deficiency data for Willow Ridge through CMS's Nursing Home Compare website

  • reviewed federal and state staffing laws for nursing homes

  • obtained staffing schedules, time and attendance records, and payroll records to determine the home's direct-care hours per resident per day, and the licensed nurse-to-resident ratio

  • obtained and analyzed background checks for all direct-care employees

  • conducted inquiries through Pennsylvania's online license and certification systems

  • reviewed the results of the two most recent Willow Ridge standard surveys conducted by the state survey agency

  • reviewed Willow Ridge's procedures for recruiting, retaining, and scheduling staff through meetings and discussions with personnel at the home

      Click here to read the audit report, "Review of Nursing Facility Staffing Requirements at Willow Ridge Center," (A-03-05-00204) issued October 26, 2005.

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