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Cloning ban pending in Texas legislature

Compliance Monitor, November 9, 2005

A prohibition on human cloning is being considered in a proposed Texas state health and safety code amendment.

In July, Texas State Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, of El Paso County, proposed adding language to the code that would regulate the use of human cells and tissues.

Under the proposal, those who perform human cloning could receive a $10 million civil penalty or even a first degree felony, if the offense was committed with the intent to clone humans.

Furthermore, under the proposal researchers may not use an oocyte in nuclear transplantation research unless it is voluntarily donated with informed consent by the woman involved.

However, the proposed amendment does not prohibit research using human cells or tissues overall.

The bill has been referred to the Texas Senate's Health and Human Services Committee.

Source: Stem Cell Regulation Report

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