Corporate Compliance

Bill single unit of 90788 for split dose

Compliance Monitor, October 14, 2005

Q: If a physician orders an intramuscular injection of Gentamycin (160 mg), and one of our nurses administers it in a split 80 mg intramuscular dose, can we assign code 90788 (Intramuscular injection of antibiotic) twice, or once?

A: Since the physician ordered a single 160 mg injection, we recommend that you bill one unit of 90788. If the physician ordered 160 mg to be titrated in two 80 mg doses, then you could bill two units of 90788.

Your hospital may have a specific physician-approved hospital policy that indicates the circumstances under which a dose is titrated. This policy could specify "If a patient weighs less than X, titrate intramuscular injections over X mg into multiple injections of not more than X mg." In this instance, charge and bill for each intramuscular injection.

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