Corporate Compliance

CA grand jury points out hospital's security issues

Compliance Monitor, September 14, 2005

Officials from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Victorville, CA, are working hard to fix security issues at the hospital raised by the 2004-2005 San Bernardino County Grand Jury report, according to the Victor Valley Daily Press.

The report said the hospital is not prepared for a terrorist attack, hospital security officers lack proper personal defense equipment, video cameras are inept, emergency evacuation signs are posted only in English, and the radio system doesn't allow officers to communicate with law enforcement during an emergency.

Since the report came out, the hospital has already installed a new radio system and put up new evacuation signs. Michael Heine, facility superintendent in charge of security, told the Daily Press that he believes the facility is as prepared as it can be for a massive-casualty scenario.

The hospital has also contracted with the Colton Police Department to have at least one armed officer on the grounds 24-hours a day. Officials are budgeting more money for extra personnel and to clean up overgrown shrubbery in the parking lot, which has blocked some of the camera views.

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