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Judge orders Planned Parenthood to turn over youths’ records

Compliance Monitor, June 8, 2005

An Indiana judge ruled May 31 that the state's Planned Parenthood program must turn over medical records for its clients who are younger than 14 to the attorney general, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Marion Superior Court judge Kenneth Johnson rejected Planned Parenthood's request for a preliminary injunction and ordered the agency to hand over records for 84 patients, the AP reported. Planned Parenthood sought to block the attorney general's request for the records, saying that investigators were on a "fishing expedition" to identify the partners of sexually active young people.

The attorney general did not issue a statement regarding the decision. When Planned Parenthood sued to block the office from seizing the records, the AG issued a statement that the state's Medicaid Fraud unit "is investigating whether or not cheldren were neglected by virtue of a failure to report instances of child molestation to the proper authorities," the AP reported.

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