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IN chiropractor named in $3 million fraud indictment

Compliance Monitor, May 25, 2005

A South Bend, IN, chiropractor was charged May 19 in a 34-count indictment that alleges healthcare fraud and money laundering, the South Bend Tribune reported May 20.

Bruno Choiniere appeared before a U.S. judge magistrate on May 19 to answer charges stemming from improper billing of more than $3 million for back braces. According to the Tribune, the braces were either not provided, not medically necessary, or falsely documented. Choiniere faces up to 10 years in prison for all but one of the counts.

According to the Tribune reports, he targeted elderly, infirm, and low-income individuals who had health coverage with Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurers. He allegedly recruited the patients through meetings that included free food and back massages. Later, he would perform "inadequate" examinations--or no exam at all--and tell the patients that they needed back braces. Choiniere billed more than $1,000 for each brace, according to the indictment.

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