Corporate Compliance

Tip: Steps for a drug-purchasing audit

Compliance Monitor, April 27, 2005

An audit of the internal workings of your organization's pharmacy will ensure that effective controls are in place for purchasing drugs. When conducting the audit, follow these steps:

  • Pull a sample of completed purchase orders, including some with controlled drugs

  • Verify the accurateness and appropriateness of everything on the purchase orders

  • Verify that the amounts ordered are reasonably consistent with the par levels set for the perpetual inventory

  • Trace prices to price sheets or vendor contracts

  • For controlled substances, ensure that the pharmacy uses form DEA 222 (the US Drug Enforcement Administration for ordering controlled substances)

  • Watch for orders for nonformulary drugs-there should be special approval for these drugs

  • Observe personnel as they receive, count, and stock a drug shipment

  • Observe or ask how the pharmacy handles shortages and damaged drugs
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