Corporate Compliance

Child abuse and disclosure

Compliance Monitor, April 29, 2005

Q. Is an authorization required by anyone before we make a disclosure about child abuse?

A. No authorization is required as long as the information is disclosed to a public health authority or other appropriate government agency authorized by law to receive reports of child abuse or neglect.

The regulations define a "public health authority" as

  • an agency or authority of the United States
  • a state, a territory, a political subdivision of a state or territory
  • an Indian tribe
  • a person or entity acting under a grant of authority from or contract with such public agency, including the employees or agents of such public agency or its contractors or persons or entities to whom it has granted authority, that is responsible for public health matters as part of its official mandate

Go to Section 164.512(b) Uses and Disclosures for Public Health Activities for more information.

Editor's Note: Attorneys from Bricker and Eckler, LLP answered this question. This is not legal advice. Please consult your attorney for legal matters.

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