Corporate Compliance

Modifier -52

Compliance Monitor, February 9, 2005

Q: Should a -52 modifier ever be appended to G0101? Is there a source that answers this question on Medicare's Web sites?

A: Modifier -52 could be attached, but it would change the direction of HCPCS code G0101. I do not recommend using modifier -52 with this code, but it is possible.

I am not aware of any source that provides information on the use of modifier -52 with this specific code. Note that attaching modifier -52 is subject to providing further information and the price would need to be adjusted.

Editor's note: This question was answered by Rochelle Boyce-Terrebonne, BS, BA, RHIA, CPC, president and CEO of Boyce and Associates Healthcare Consulting, LLC, in Golden Meadow, LA.

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