Corporate Compliance

Tip: Focus on critical relationships

Compliance Monitor, December 28, 2011

While it's certainly important to have a good relationship with your board of directors, remember to cultivate good relationships with others in your facility as well-most importantly department managers, says Teresa Porter, chief compliance officer at the UC Davis Health System in California. "Those relationships are the ones that are going to help you be more effective when it comes to compliance," she says.

As a side note, Porter is currently in the process of meeting with each of the managers in her facility, from housekeeping to dietary. The goal of the meetings is to explain the compliance program to them, how it was developed, and how it affects their role as a manager. But the larger purpose is to open the lines of communication with the managers and to make sure they're willing to alert her when an issue crops up.

This tip was adapted from an article that originally appeared in the January issue of Strategies for Healthcare Compliance.

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