Corporate Compliance

Tip: Monitor social media

Compliance Monitor, June 29, 2011

Compliance officers should be auditing and monitoring social media.

"Look to make sure that employees are not posting confidential information on these sites," says F. Lisa Murtha, a partner at SNR Denton in Washington, D.C. "A good strategy is to run periodic Google or other searches against employee names."

Change throws people off—the advent of the telephone probably caused some consternation as well, says Roy Snell, CHC, CCEP-F, CEO of HCCA.

But social media, just like the phone, is a valuable tool. "People just need to learn to use it professionally," Snell says.

This tip was adapted from the July 2011 issue of Strategies for Health Care Compliance. More information about Strategies for Health Care Compliance is available at the HCMarketplace.

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