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Q&A: What is esMD?

Compliance Monitor, March 2, 2011

Q: What is esMD and how can my hospital sign up?

A: esMD stands for Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation, a new mechanism providers can use to respond to documentation requests from Medicare and Medicaid Review contractors. Currently most providers send the response by mail or by sending a fax.

esMD will allow the providers to submit medical documentation electronically. For more details visit the esMD web site at

In order to sign up for esMD, the hospital must obtain access to a CONNECT-compatible gateway. While some providers may choose to build their own gateway, CMS is anticipating that many providers will choose to obtain gateway services by entering into contract or other arrangement with a health information handler (HIH) that offers esMD gateway services. Click here for more details on the esMD HIHs.

This tip was adapted from the Frequently Asked Questions section of the CMS website. 

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