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Virginian EMT convicted for role in $1.4 million healthcare fraud

Compliance Monitor, July 7, 2010

A Virginia U.S. District Court jury convicted an EMT working for Angel Care Ambulance Company for her role in a $1.4 million Medicare fraud scheme, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) press release.

Medicare only authorized Angel Care to receive reimbursement for transporting patients who are confined to stretchers. Amy Joyell Hicks, 35, and Angel Care fraudulently billed Medicare for transporting patients who were not confined to stretchers and could walk unassisted or with wheelchair assistance, according to the DOJ. In some cases, patients rode in the front passenger seat of the ambulance or in the personal vehicles of Angel Care employees, reported the DOJ.

Medicare paid Angel Care approximately $387,000 of the $1.4 million fraudulent claims. Hicks faces a maximum sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

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