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Miami injection and infusion clinic owner arrested on Medicare fraud allegations

Compliance Monitor, May 19, 2010

Miami HIV infusion clinic owner, Flor Crisologo, was indicted for her alleged role in a $23 million Medicare fraud and money laundering scheme, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) press release.

Crisologo, 58, owned and operated J & F Community Medical Center Inc. where she allegedly hired a physician to run unnecessary tests, sign false medical analyses and diagnoses forms, and provide unnecessary injection and infusion services to Medicare beneficiaries. According to the DOJ, Crisologo and her coconspirators paid Medicare beneficiaries to claim they received HIV services, when in fact, the services were never provided or not medically necessary.

According to the DOJ, Crisologo laundered the proceeds by transferring thousands of dollars to two sham corporations that she owned and controlled: ABC Med Way Inc., and MSG Investment and Services Corp.

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