Corporate Compliance

Injection and infusion clinic owners will pay fines, serve jail time for defrauding Medicare

Compliance Monitor, April 14, 2010

Two Miami residents who ran an injections and infusions clinic in Canton, MI will each serve three years in prison and will jointly pay $649,000 with other co-defendants, according to a Department of Justice Press (DOJ) release.

Jose Martinez, 33, and ex-wife, Denisse Martinez, 27, pleaded guilty on September 24, 2009 to submitting approximately $1 million in fraudulent claims to Medicare. The couple operated a fraudulent injections and infusions center, RDM Centers Inc. in September 2006. They worked with patient recruiter William Reeves to attract impoverished Medicare beneficiaries who supplied Medicare numbers in exchange for cash and prescription kickbacks.

According to the DOJ, Denisse Martinez created false patient records which co-defendant Alan Silber, MD signed and billed to Medicare. Co-conspirators Reeves and Silber will face sentencing August 6.

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