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Join the Physician's Round Table

Compliance Monitor, March 31, 2010

In 2003, HCPro, Inc., Nimitt Consulting, Inc., and 3M Health Information Systems joined forces to create a forum called the Provider Roundtable (PRT). The group currently consists of individuals from 14 healthcare organizations with one common goal—to provide input and guidance to CMS on critical OPPS and APC issues.

The PRT has worked continuously the past seven years providing formal and informal comments to CMS, FIs, and the APC Advisory Panel. On more than one occasion, the PRT has seen its work come to fruition in the form of changes from CMS. (Visit to read more about the Provider Roundtable).

New members needed

The PRT welcomes representatives from all hospital departments, including HIM, business, patient accounting, compliance, clinical and ancillary departments, information systems, finance, and others interested in improving the OPPS/APC system. If you have ideas about how CMS can improve OPPS/APCs, but not enough time to submit comments on your own, being a part of Provider Roundtable seeking new members the PRT is the perfect opportunity for your voice to be heard. In addition to affecting policy decisions at a national level, PRT members exchange ideas, questions, and innovative strategies with one another, resulting in improvements for their healthcare organizations.

Additional details

  • The PRT will add approximately six new members to the group
  • A committee made up of existing panel members and PRT sponsors will select new members in the coming months and will meet in August or September to discuss and prepare comments on the 2011 OPPS proposed rule
  • Individuals participating in the PRT must cover their own transportation and accommodation costs as necessary
  • Sponsors will cover costs for breakfast, lunch, and breaks, plus other meeting-related expenses
  • Interested individuals can request more information and an application by sending an e-mail to

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