Corporate Compliance

U.S. files case against Las Vegas medical practice; alleges unnecessary testing

Compliance Monitor, March 25, 2009

The U.S. attorney's office filed a lawsuit which alleges Miller Medical Group Chtd., a Las Vegas Medical practice, submitted fraudulent invoices to Medicare and the Federal Employee Health Benefit program, according to a March 18 Las Vegas Sun article.
The government claims Miller Medical Group Chtd., which does business under the name Internal Medicine Associates, submitted bills to the federal programs for tests that were not necessary, according to the article. Miller Medical Group allegedly submitted claims for high-density cholesterol and low-density cholesterol tests, but the government asserts the company could have attained the same information by applying a mathematical formula the high-density cholesterol test results.
The indictment alleges Miller Medical Group Chtd. commited more than 15,000 violations of the False Claims Act, the article reports.  

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