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OIG releases annual report results

Healthcare Auditing Weekly, January 20, 2009

The OIG released its Annual Performance Report for fiscal year (FY) 2008, recounting the billions of dollars the staff recovered in its efforts to stop and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse within the 300 programs the Department of Health and Human Services administers.
In the report’s opening letter, Inspector General Daniel Levinson noted that the OIG uses a majority of its funding for fighting fraud, waste, and abuse to the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
The most notable results of the OIG’s efforts include:
  • OIG investigators developed cases that resulted in $2.35 billion in settlements and court–ordered receivables
  • HHS program managers agreed to pursue $1.33 billion in audit recoveries as a result of OIG audit disallowance recommendations
  • The return-on-investment, which measures the efficiency of the OIG’s healthcare oversight efforts, reached $17 to $1
  • HHS program managers accepted and agreed to implement 85 of the OIG’s quality and management improvement recommendations


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