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Even more fraud in South Florida

Compliance Monitor, November 19, 2008

On November 14, Miguel Almanza, operator of 13 durable medical equipment (DME) companies and three medical clinics in the Miami area, pleaded guilty to his involvement in a $56.7 million Medicare fraud scheme, according to an FBI press release.
Using the companies he operated, Almanza and his co-conspirators billed Medicare for medical equipment, prescription medications, and outpatient medical services that were not medically necessary.
According to the FBI, Almanza paid Medicare beneficiaries for use of their information, allowing him to bill Medicare for expensive DME. Almanza also purchased stolen patient information from patient recruiters and billing companies. Almanza tried to conceal his involvement by hiring people to pose as the owners of the companies he operated and constructing elaborate money laundering schemes. 
To read the full FBI press release click here


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