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Tip: Quality of Care

Compliance Monitor, September 17, 2008

Quality of care continues to be a priority with both the state and federal government. Consider the following questions and concerns when examining your compliance program:
  • Evaluate the procedure in place to monitor quality of care.
    • Is an oversight board in place?
    • Is the quality of care part of the provider’s plan?
    • How are quality-of-care problems handled?
  • Educate professional and nonprofessional staff on quality of care and the ethical responsibility each has in this area.
    • Is quality of care in the mission statement?
    • Are the goals and charitable duties of the facility in concert with quality of care?
  • Immediately address problems or concerns regarding quality of care and errors.
    • Is there a clear line of communication among staff, the compliance officer, and the board to address quality of care problems?
    • Are inquiries and questions handled discretely and in confidence?
    • Are inquiry results made available to the complainant and others in a timely manner?
  • Conduct internal audits and evaluations to ensure quality of care in all areas of the facility.
    • Make them part of compliance.

  • Use quality of care to your advantage.
    • Recognize and promote the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency to the government and, more importantly, to the public.
    • Quality of care, correction of errors, and promotion of good healthcare systems will drive down the cost of malpractice insurance and give beneficiaries the services and care they need.
This tip was adapted from The Compliance Officer’s Handbook. For more information about the book or to order your copy, click here


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