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Tip: Effective Lines of Communication

Compliance Monitor, April 2, 2008

Maintaining effective communications channels between employees and the hospital's compliance officer is crucial to maintaining an effective compliance program.

Two key ways to do this are:

Access to the compliance officer - Develop and distribute confidentiality and non-retaliation policies to all employees. The compliance committee should also develop several independent paths for employees to report fraud, waste, and abuse.

Develop a hotline - Use hotlines, e-mails, and written memoranda to keep lines of communication open. Hospitals should provide any hotline numbers to all employees and independent contractors. Hospitals should also post the OIG hotline number 800/HHS-TIPS (447-8477) in a prominent area.

    This tip was adapted from the Compliance Program Effectiveness Handbook. For more information about the book or to order your copy, click here.


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