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Tip: Benefits of a compliance program

Compliance Monitor, March 12, 2008

The OIG will consider the existence of an effective compliance program that pre-dated any government investigation when assessing appropriate administrative penalties. If your organization's leadership does not support your compliance program, use the benefits listed in the OIG Guidance and Supplemental Guidance to promote your case.

According to the OIG, compliance programs make sense because they assist the organization accomplish the following goals:

  • Fulfill it fundamental care-giving mission to patients and the community
  • Assist in identifying weaknesses in internal systems and management
  • Demonstrate the hospital's strong commitment to honest and responsible provider and corporate conduct
  • Provide a more accurate view of employee and contractor behavior relating to fraud and abuse
  • Improve quality of patient care
  • Create a centralized source for distributing information on healthcare regulations and program directives related to fraud and abuse
  • Develop a methodology that encourages employees to report potential problems
  • Develop procedures that allow prompt, thorough investigation of alleged misconduct
  • Initiate immediate and appropriate corrective action
  • Minimize financial loss to government and taxpayers, as well as any corresponding financial loss to the hospital

This tip was adapted from the Compliance Program Effectiveness Handbook. For more information about the book or to order your copy, click here.


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