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Tip: Claim development and submission process

Compliance Monitor, February 20, 2008

To prove your facility has a strong compliance program, make sure your hospital maintains written compliance policies and procedures.(To learn more about the HCPro Inc., publication The Healthcare Compliance Professional's Guide to Policies and Procedures click here.)

In 1997, the OIG began compliance guidance for various sectors of the healthcare industry. All of the guidance documents stress that every compliance program should require the development and distribution of written compliance policies that promote a commitment to compliance.

The OIG notes that its guidance promotes voluntarily developed and implemented compliance programs for the healthcare industry. It is intended to assist in the development of effective internal controls that promote adherence to applicable federal and state law, and the program requirements of federal, state, and private health plans. They note that the adoption and implementation of voluntary compliance programs significantly advance the prevention of fraud, abuse, and waste, while furthering the fundamental mission to provide quality care to patients.


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