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Tip: Best practices for better success in HIPAA training

Compliance Monitor, February 6, 2008

When the HIPAA privacy rule went into effect in early 2003, it provided the first measure of federal privacy protection for PHI. The rule-both landmark and monumental-created a training nightmare for healthcare providers. Four years later, managers in all types of healthcare settings still haven't developed surefire strategies to teach staff members about the rule's intricacies.

Use these suggestions to make sure your HIPAA training is a success:

  • List, on paper, what you perceive to be your facility's strengths and weaknesses
  • Find creative ways to present HIPAA information so that it is informative and ensures staff members remain attentive
  • Select a training medium that works best for your organization, whether it's video, online training, a classroom setting, or another method of instruction
  • Determine training frequency and details
  • Monitor known problem areas-situations where staff members aren't always certain of the correct response


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