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Pennsylvania Medicaid won't pay hospitals for preventable errors

Compliance Monitor, January 30, 2008

Pennsylvania hospitals that treat low-income Medicaid patients covered under fee-for-service programs will have to absorb the cost of avoidable medical mistakes, according to the Associated Press.

Pennsylvania's approach mirrors a similar federal Medicare policy. Medicare announced in August 2007 that it would stop paying for preventable complications, such as infections patients pick up in the hospital, second surgeries to retrieve items left inside patients, and treatment for transfusion patients who received the wrong blood type.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported in a September 2007 article that Minnesota hospitals would stop charging for 27 preventable medical errors. The Boston Globe reported that 61 members of the Massachusetts Hospital Association agreed not to charge for nine preventable errors.

Click here to read more about Pennsylvania's decision to stop charging for preventable medical errors.


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