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Tip: Decipher acronyms with this helpful list

Compliance Monitor, January 23, 2008

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology is spearheading the effort to develop a list of consensus-based definitions of important health information technology terms.

In the interim, the following list of acronyms is a useful resource:

  • CCR (continuity of care record): A subset of the patient medical record used to provide a basic set of data from one episode of care to another
  • CDR or CDW (clinical data repository or warehouse): A decision support database where defined subsets of data related to patient care activities are housed in a longitudinal fashion and utilized for business intelligence purposes
  • CHIN (community health information network): A shared resource for defined local or regional communities and businesses that have agreed to exchange health information
  • CIS (clinical information system): Applications that are used primarily during active patient care to produce clinical documentation
  • CPOE (computerized physician order entry): A system providing automated physician-originated entry of orders during patient care that eliminates the middle step of transcription orders by other care-giving staff members

This tip is brought to you by the January issue of Medical Records Briefing.


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