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Tip: Monitor the health of your HIPAA security compliance

Compliance Monitor, January 9, 2008

Healthcare providers encourage routine health checkups, knowing that they are effective for monitoring how patients are doing, in order to manage a chronic condition or maintain good health. Early warning signs can be caught, often saving the health and finances of the patient. A security checklist can provide the same benefits for privacy and security programs.

The monthly security checkup is a procedure that each department, or another predefined physical area, should follow.

Using a simple checklist, the surveyor-a manager or supervisor-walks through the area, looking and listening for security and privacy concerns. If the surveyor identifies any, he or she records them on the checklist. Examples of problems include conversations the surveyor hear that should have been kept private, computer workstations that staff members have left logged on and unattended, and passwords posted in clear view.


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