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Tip: Promoting hand hygiene compliance

Compliance Monitor, January 2, 2008

Three main issues can help ensure compliance with any evidence-based recommendation, including hand hygiene guidelines, according to Trish Perl, MD, MSc, professor of medicine, pathology, and epidemiology and hospital epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore:

  1. Empower with knowledge: Ensure that staff members have the information they need. It's critical to effectively educate all staff members. It's equally important to provide role models to demonstrate the expected behavior and to convince staff members that hand hygiene makes a difference.
  2. Make it easy: Place sinks and hand hygiene dispensers in strategic locations, such as near patient beds or dirty supply areas, to set your staff members up for success.
  3. Reinforce concepts: Provide feedback to staff members. To accomplish this, measure outcomes using a standardized format and convey information back to staff members so they know what effect their actions have on the facility and patient care.


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