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CMS produces list of poor-performing nursing homes

Compliance Monitor, December 12, 2007

CMS released the ranking of the nation's poorest performing nursing homes. The facilities on the national list are referred to as special focus facilities (SFFs). This release occurred because of the number of facilities that provided poor quality of care, but still had enough improvement to pass a survey. The facility, however, would then fail a following survey, showing a lack of consistency.

According to CMS, a facility is selected as an SFF, and then the state survey agency conducts twice the number of standard surveys and will apply more and more enforcement until the nursing home either:

  1. significantly improves and is no longer identified as an SFF
  2. is granted additional time due to promising developments, or
  3. is terminated from Medicare and/or Medicaid. CMS and the state can more quickly terminate a facility that is placing residents in immediate jeopardy.

"Such facilities with a 'yo-yo' compliance history rarely addressed underlying systemic problems that were giving rise to repeated cycles of serious deficiencies," CMS stated in a press release.

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