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Mentor moment: Make use of free readmission prevention tools

Case Management Insider, July 6, 2011

With much attention being given to preventing unnecessary readmissions, it would behoove case managers to take advantage of the numerous free tools that are available.

The Administration on Aging (AoA) has a robust resource center dedicated to improving patient transitions. The website includes links to webinars, checklists, and other evidence-based transition models including:

The AoA website includes a link to “Taking Care of Myself: A Guide for When I Leave the Hospital,” a document that helps patients track their medication schedules, upcoming medical appointments, and important telephone numbers.

Re-Engineered Discharge (RED) is a project from Boston University Medical Center that uses a discharge advocate to coordinate all aspects of discharge and features a checklist similar to those used by pilots to prepare for flights. The RED website indicates that intervention has been proven to reduce rehospitalizations and yields high rates of patient satisfaction. Hospitals can download content from the RED website at no cost.

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