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Mentor moment: The Partnership for Patients brings a community approach to healthcare

Case Management Weekly, May 25, 2011

The old saying “it takes a village” definitely applies to healthcare today. Maybe the tribal people who used the saying to describe what it takes to raise a child knew more about providing appropriate healthcare than they are given credit for. Peeling back the onion of CMS’ new Partnership for Patients: Improving Care and Lowering Costs reveals a community—a village—coming together to appropriately and efficiently care for the citizens of that community.

The Partnership for Patients aims to create new public and private working relationships that currently don’t exist. This CMS innovation targets high-risk Medicare patients with chronic conditions, organ system failure, and frailty. It aims to:

  • Improve the transition of inpatients back into the community
  • Improve quality of care
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Reduce patient harm
  • Improve medication reconciliation
  • Promote safe medication practices
  • Standardize communication and information exchange
  • Document savings and report it to Medicare


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