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Sneak peek: Keep your team focused during care coordination rounds

Case Management Weekly, March 23, 2011

Facilities that hold regular interdisciplinary care coordination rounds often say such meetings save time. Instead of playing phone tag with colleagues, waiting for e-mails, and searching the halls for coworkers, representatives from each department meet during a regular time to discuss what they need from one another to overcome discharge barriers.

However, the rounds can turn from time-savers to time-wasters if the matters discussed do not stay on topic or drag on.

First, ensure that those slated to attend the meeting are well prepared, says Lorrie Reddish, RN, director of case management at Jennie Edmundson Hospital in Council Bluffs, IA.

Reddish recognized that some of the attendees at her facilities' rounds weren't clear about the information they were responsible for, so she created a table that lists each department and their expected contributions (download a copy of the form at

Reddish says members of each discipline are required to attend the meeting. However, if there is a legitimate ­reason for why one of them cannot attend, he or she is ­expected to submit a report on the information he or she is responsible for prior to the meeting.

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