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Sneak peek: Family info group takes proactive approach in teaching families ICU basics

Case Management Weekly, January 19, 2011

Families often have to make difficult decisions when a loved one is in the ICU, and they rely on hospital case managers and social workers for support and information. 

Knowing this, Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL, asked families to complete a survey about their interaction with the care team at Memorial. The results showed that some family members felt ill-prepared for situations and others could not recall if they had ever met a case manager.

To address those issues, the case management department at Memorial decided to create a Family Information Group, says Heather Corbitt, MSW, LSW, ACM, social service manager at Memorial. 

“We had a reactive approach to working with patients and families in the ICU, which means we would provide services when we received an order or referral. We knew there were needs that were going unnoticed, and we wanted to help empower them,” Corbitt says. 

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