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Sneak peek: ACE-ing care transitions means blending utilization review and discharge planning tactics

Case Management Weekly, December 22, 2010

Call it an oxymoron, but the discharge planning process is straightforward and complex at the same time. Implementing a discharge plan is a well-established process, but when it comes to preparing a patient for discharge from an acute care setting to postacute care, the elements required for planning a safe transition become a seemingly uncontrolled collection of conflicting, overlapping, sometimes contradicting steps. Finding a common tool that organizes the process into a framework may provide for a more timely and accurate plan. 

The ACE process places the three elements of payment of Appropriate (A), Covered (C), and Eligibility (E) into a logical framework. Start by identifying an appropriate next level of care, based on the services covered at that level, and then determine whether the patient is eligible. 

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