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Sneak peek: Top 10 hospital case manager best practices

Case Management Weekly, October 27, 2010

by June Stark, RN, BSN, MEd 

Case management is a relatively young healthcare specialty. It was introduced in the mid-‘80s as a response to Medicare’s prospective payment system and the associated need for shortened hospital stays. 

Over the years, case management has evolved as it has continually responded to ongoing changes in healthcare. As the case manager’s role has matured, specific best practices have proven to be a valuable conduit to the provision of care coordination, outcome achievement, and quality of care. 

I have listed below what I believe to be the top 10 best practice components for a hospital case manager:

  1. Patient admission assessment. Determine the discharge needs for all patients, and conduct a risk appraisal to determine a patient’s ability to provide self-care and potential for readmission. Use a tool for readmitted patients that determines the reasons for readmission. 
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