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Mentor moment: Hospital leaders consider case management a top priority

Case Management Weekly, October 27, 2010

Community hospital CEOs and C-suite executives consider case management the second most important strategic initiative, according to a survey conducted by Curaspan Health Group.

On a 1-to-10 scale, the respondents ranked clinical care highest with a score of 9.3, while case management scored 8.4. Functions often included in case management, such as utilization management and denials management, scored 8.1 and 7.5, respectively.

The results suggest that while the more narrow case management functions matter, what matters more to hospital leadership is how they all work together, writes Jackie Birmingham, RN, MS, is vice president of regulatory monitoring and clinical leadership at Curaspan Health Group said in a column published in Curaspan Connections.

Improving postacute relationships 

Although Birmingham was pleased to see that hospital leaders value case management, she was disappointed that they ranked networks with postacute providers last, scoring 6.9. The ranking was particularly odd because respondents ranked transition management fourth, scoring 7.7.

“You can’t have effective transition management—or case management, for that matter—without postacute providers,” Birmingham writes.

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