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Sneak peek: Integration of mental and physical treatment leads to improved patient outcomes

Case Management Weekly, March 24, 2010

Rebecca Perez, RN, CCM, CPUM, president and owner of Carative Health Solutions in High Ridge, MO, is part of a growing movement that addresses the mental health needs of complex patients with an integrated care management model.

“The thinking is coming full circle again where we need to treat the patient as a full person and not just treat a disease,” says Perez.

Perez and Roger G. Kathol, MD, CPE, president of Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™, work with the Case Management Society of America’s Integrated Care Management Training Program to train case managers. Participants learn to assess a patient’s mental health as part of their interaction with complex patients. This enables case managers to ensure that the patients’ care plan includes services that address their behavioral and psychological needs.

“Integrated case management is not necessarily designed for every patient a case manager touches,” Perez explains. “It is designed to work with those that are the most complex.” 

Recognizing how this population’s mental health contributes to their physical health goes a long way in preventing readmissions, improving patient satisfaction, and enhancing overall quality of care.

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