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Sneak peek: Daily flash rounds improve interdepartment communication

Case Management Weekly, February 3, 2010

Case managers at Greenville Hosptial System needed a better system for communicating with staff members in other departments. What Grace Dotson, RN, MS, CMAC, CPUR, the director of outcomes management, came up with was the daily flash rounds meeting.

The daily flash rounds meeting structure is simple; there is no structure. The intent of the meeting is to supplement the more formal unit rounds that staff members already attend. The informal nature of the daily flash rounds meeting makes it more likely they will attend and it also makes the meeting quicker, says Dotson.

The lack of structure makes the meetings more effective, says Sarah Garrison, LMSW, a social worker at Greenville,. “The informality is nice. It makes it congenial and [creates] a good flow,” she says.

Dotson’s informal approach includes telling staff members to come to the meeting “with their sense of humor and their census.”

As a direct result of the daily flash rounds meeting, Greenville has:

  • Met its goal for reducing LOS 
  • Increased the number of patients referred to their medication reconciliation program by 50%
  • Improved timely delivery of the Important Message from Medicare

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