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CMW Tip of the Week: Who should receive RAC correspondence?

Case Management Weekly, March 18, 2009

This week’s tip, an “Ask the Expert,” comes from Karen Feeley, director of Network Patient Financial Services, New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Q: How does a RAC denial notice come into your system? Does it go to the CFO or CEO, or to the medical records or patient accounting departments? Or does it follow the same route that any other denial would follow once it comes into your system?
A: One of the things that our hospital association did early on is create a contact list and send it to our RAC. We had the RAC agree to only send correspondence to the person on that contact list. I happened to be that person for New York-Presbyterian, so I received all of the correspondence related to any RAC activity. That worked pretty well. Nothing related to RACs went to the CFO or medical records. I believe this model is strongly encouraged.

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