HFAP releases updated 2015 Acute Care Manual

Accreditation Insider, June 14, 2016

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On June 10, the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) released the second version of its 2015 Acute Hospital Care Final Standards. The updated manual supersedes the prepublication standards that the accreditor had published on January 25. All of the prepublication standards released this January were approved as written except for Standard 25.00.05 Management, which clarifies the expectations and job description of the pharmacy director. The changed text now reads: “The Pharmacy Director must meet the qualifications established by the Medical Staff.  It is NOT required that the Pharmacy Director undergo the Medical Staff Credentialing and Privileging process.” 
The updated manual will go into effect on September 1, 2016 and includes 11 revised pharmacy related standards:
1.    Standard 25.00.00 Condition of Participation: Pharmaceutical Services
2.    Standard 25.00.01 Pharmacy Services
3.    Standard 25.00.04 Pharmacy Management & Administration
4.    Standard 25.00.05 Management
5.    Standard 25.01.01 Medication Control & Distribution
6.    Standard 25.01.02 Supervision of Pharmacy Activities
7.    Standard 25.01.03 Security of Medications
8.    Standard 25.01.07 Inventory Management System:
9.    Standard 25.01.09 Automatic Stop Medication Orders
10.    Standard 25.01.12 Informational Resources
11.    Standard 16.01.01 Preparation and Administration Drugs

HFAP has also published a new crosswalk, Acute Care Manual 2015 v2 New Standards to Old Standards. Those with questions about the 2015 version 2 Acute Care Hospital manual should email

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