Accreditation in fiction

Accreditation Connection, October 14, 2011

The following topic is being discussed in the Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals (AHAP) Blog:

    One of AHAP’s members came across a very interesting link this week and thought it would be of interest to those of us working in the accreditation world. Physician George Beddingfield, MD, is in the process of self-publishing a novel with a distinct hospital accreditation angle.

    In his blog, Dr. Beddingfield describes the book–the title of which, “Unannounced,” is a word that still causes a wave of anxiety among accreditation professionals–as a thriller in which a physician and an FBI agent work to unravel a terrorist plot.

    The world of healthcare is more and more accessible to the public eye, and works of fiction quite frequently tie into some of our biggest challenges–infection control and medical errors, for example. Have you encountered any works of fiction that use accreditation themes to build tension and drama?

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