Joint Commission releases two new educational videos

Accreditation Connection, August 5, 2011

As part of its ongoing "Speak Up" ™ campaign, The Joint Commission has unveiled its latest pair of videos focusing on helping patients to be their own advocates and raise awareness of trouble spots in the healthcare process.

The first video focuses on patient falls. According to the video, one in three adults over 65 are injured in falls every year, and everyone is at risk to falls. To combat this, the video discusses precautions patients can take, when to ask for help, and other suggestions which can help keep patients from having a falling accident.

The second video released this past week focuses on breastfeeding, to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week. The video helps patients prepare during pregnancy for breastfeeding, and helps them to understand how to talk with nurses and physicians about breastfeeding, as well as how to make sure they have the right support when they return home from the hospital.

The "Speak Up" videos can all be viewed on The Joint Commission's Youtube page and through The Joint Commission's own site.

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