Joint Commission recommends a look at sterilization and high-level disinfection

Accreditation Connection, July 27, 2011

In a recent announcement, The Joint Commission has urged hospitals and other accredited organizations to review their sterilization and high-level disinfection (HLD) processes in detail. The accrediting body said that a review of existing policies and procedures will help ensure organizations are up to date, and this process will also help identify areas where leadership can take a more active role.

The Joint Commission has taken several steps in recent years in the area of sterilization and HLD to help curb the ongoing problem of healthcare-associated infections (HAI). The accrediting body implemented such items as IC.02.02.01, Element of Performance 2 and NPSG.07.05.01, both of which are intended to address surgical site infection rates.

For more information on this announcement, visit The Joint Commission’s website.

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