AHAP launches benchmarking survey on tracers

Accreditation Connection, June 24, 2011

The Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals (AHAP) has launched its latest benchmarking survey and is inviting survey coordinators around the country to participate. This quarter's survey focuses on survey tracers.

"With next generation tracers the talk of the town, we thought now was the time to start a conversation in the AHAP community about how we’re using tracers, what we’re doing with the information tracers collect, and how tracers have grown and evolved since they became a mainstream tool," says Matt Phillion, CSHA, director of AHAP.

To take the survey, click this link. If the hotlink in this email does not work, please cut and paste the URL below into your browser and you will be taken directly to the survey. The questionnaire is designed to take no more than five minutes to fill out—and the more members participate the greater the range and accuracy the benchmarking survey will have. As always, the survey results are anonymous.

"We hope you’ll take just a few minutes to take this survey," says Phillion. "Members will receive access to an exclusive special report shortly after the survey is closed."

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