AHAP unveils salary survey results

Accreditation Connection, June 3, 2011

In 2010, the annual Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals (AHAP) salary survey reported minimal increases across the board—a result of poor economy, slow growth, and slashed budgets in response to poor economic conditions. This year’s survey saw little improvement, with nearly 70% of respondents reporting less than 2% salary increases for 2011—and almost half of those respondents reporting no increase at all.

How does this compare to last year’s numbers? There is some small consolation in that the number of salaries with no increase has lessened (40% in 2010, 34% in 2011). More survey coordinators saw a minimal increase this year (35% in 2011 as opposed to 22% in 2010) with a significant drop in the number of salaries that were increased by three to four percent (33% in 2010, 25% in 2011).

For those few who did receive more than a four percent increase, respondents reported five to six percent (2%), eight to nine percent (1%), and interestingly, a relatively significant number of increases 10% or over (3% of total respondents).

Editor’s note: The preceding is an excerpt from the Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professional’s (AHAP) annual salary report. To learn more about AHAP, visit

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