Greeley Reflections

Accreditation Connection, April 15, 2011

Standard readiness: Targeting patient provider communications


Part 6 of 12

RC and RI chapter items


Standard RC.02.01.01 in Record of Care includes EP 28 requiring data collection of race, ethnicity and a new note under EP1 includes noting the patient’s, guardian’s or designated advocate’s preferred language for discussing health care issues to support the role of the medical record in handoffs. The intent is for hospitals to evaluate the aggregated data, understand cultural issues and to plan for services (e.g. determine what documents should be translated based on your data).

EPs 28 and 29 with “A” scoring categories have been added to RI.01.01.01 focusing on access of a “support individual” to be present for the patient as much as possible while prohibiting discrimination. This forces hospitals to review current policies on visitor restrictions. Do you currently allow friends or a same sex partners unlimited visits in the ICU? Review your restrictions to see whether they need revised. Of course, exceptions to the “open access designee” will need to be determined for important considerations such as infection control or safety reasons.

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