Greeley Reflections

Accreditation Connection, February 25, 2011

Having Confidence in your contractors' performance


Part 6 of 7

Further eview your process

Continuing our list of questions to make sure you during the review of your contract process, here are some additional items to consider:

  • Does the contract describe the expectations of performance as a basis to evaluate the services provided? It’s good practice to set your targets up front.
  • Is the measurement process clear? Some organizations only meet with their contractors annually while others set up a series of meetings to provide feedback on a regular basis.
  • Is there active oversight of the contractors’ performance in your organization? What is it? Who is involved? In the example of the delayed completion of the rehabilitation assessments, floor staff was well aware of the length of time it was taking but was never asked for feedback.
  • Is there planned follow-up when expectations are not met to improve performance? What is the process and has it ever been implemented? When the data starts trending downward, what should happen? These are expectations that should be discussed at the initiation of the contract.


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