Hand-off communication solutions revealed by CTH

Accreditation Connection, October 22, 2010

The Joint Commission’s Center for Transforming Healthcare (CTH) has announced the second in its series of solutions for top healthcare challenges: hand-off communication. It is estimated that miscommunication during patient hand-offs plays a part in 80 percent of serious preventable adverse events, The Joint Commission states in an official release. Not only can communication issues lead to adverse events, it can also factor into length of stay, quality of care, and various safety issues.

Ten top US hospitals participated in the CTH study to devise implementable solutions to this problem. The participating hospitals found that lack of teamwork and respect, not enough time to share information about the patient, lack of standardized communication tools, inaccurate or incomplete information, and competing priorities all played a part in hand-off communication issues.

To read more on the suggestions made by the program, as well as additional information on CTH, click here.

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