Interim Staffing Effectiveness standards to receive feild review

Accreditation Connection, July 30, 2010

The Joint Commission has announced that it will undertake a follow-up field review for two proposed interim elements of performance relating to Staffing Effectiveness.

The proposed changes, found under Elements of Performance (EP) 12 and 13 in standard PI.02.01.01, focus on using outcomes data to guide analysis of staffing effectiveness and also call for leadership to review the data that comes out of staffing issue analysis.

The field review comes as a result of feedback from the field--while the majority of respondents think the requirements are reasonable, many indicated that the language regarding expectations for EP 12 left them somewhat confused, while EP 13 may require additional clarity on what should be included in the annual evaluation and what data must be included if no staffing issues were found.

For more information on these changes, visit the Joint Commission's web site.

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