Healthcare systems with more than one hospital can opt for concurrent survey

Accreditation Connection, July 26, 2010

Those healthcare systems with more than one hospital or other accredited body organized as a single system can now opt for a concurrent survey, The Joint Commission said on an official statement on its website. The concurrent survey option is available to those organizations within any Joint Commission accreditation program.


The concurrent survey brings value to the accreditation of health systems by:

  • Looking at how the system develops and implements systemwide policies, procedures and functions
  • Sharing leading practices from one site in the system that could be adopted at other sites within the system (for example, the process of ongoing professional practice evaluation for medical staff)
  • Identifying opportunities for standardization across the system
  • Identifying potential solutions for implementing complex standards and National Patient Safety Goals
  • Increasing communication and collaboration among organizations within the system regarding quality and safety issues

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